Expect the Impossible

In George Friedman’s forecast of the 21st century (“The Next 100 Year”) he wrote, “The old, New Left slogan ‘Be Practical, Demand the Impossible’ needs to be changed: ‘Be Practical, Expect the Impossible.’” In his mind this is what defines the broad approach to “Geopolitics”.  At no point in my past or anytime

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Interview: Black History, POTUS Obama, Et al

DeViney: Mr. Green, from the outset, before I go getting carried away and forget, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the swashbucklers who comprise the staff of ModState, thank you for making an appearance with us and being willing to talk about your experience(s). This is a real honor for us as a media enterprise and for myself

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Fabriquè en Babylon: Evil (Fifteen Years On)

“Oh my God, Emily…you are such a liar!”

This was the opening sequence of a night no one in The Smith household had foreseen coming, but things have now descended to the point where her father had nearly called me up and asked if I was married yet. Precluding him from the Facebook crowd he doubtless was too pious to descend and mingle

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NeoSpeak: Flynn-again, Intel and Greatest Smokescreen of All Time(?)

If one good turn truly deserves another (as the timeless axiom goes), then it’s no small feat that Washington D.C. manages to accomplish anything at all. The plot has thickened and twisted and turned over the past year-plus (before the 30 April, 2016 official launch of ModState) in a mind-numbing array of shocks that often are no longer considered as much.

<span style="font-family: segoe-ui

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SPECIAL: POTUS Trump’s Executive Order 6

On 28 January, 2017, was issued the “Executive Order: Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees”, a formal action taken by POTUS Trump that was met with widespread approval outside of bureaucratic circles which, in all likelihood, means that it was exactly the right thing to do.

Cutting through said bureaucratic fat, the specifics

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With One-Year Anniversary the Event Horizon, ModState Embraces Smooth Transition into Year #2

Not everyone foresaw just how thoroughly successful the first year of ModState would end up being on any given metric, let alone that it would increase its launch day traffic by over 17,000% and spend a mere $433.00 on social media marketing on the year. The sum total of all moving parts, when compiled, is a picture that no one

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Political Beast: Crossing The Lines With Trump and History

No, no, we aren’t accusing anyone in the Trump administration of crossing any ethical, moral or legal lines here. Not in this particular article, so don’t get too excited. We’re talking about time-lines. What Political Beast would like to do, in the midst of the guns-blazing rhetoric flying around the famous egg-shaped

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“Is It Just Us” – Fair & Thorough Aggregation Site for Black Americans (becomes friends with ModState)

From web developer Clark Alford comes a stirring new entry to our network: “Is It Just Us” is aggregated news FOR the black community curated BY the black community and its allies (amongst which ModState strives to be numbered)

While we haven’t entered into the depth of discussion to which opportunity afforded with newfound network allies OverWatch, it pleases me greatly inform our readers and fellow network members of an early yet blossoming affiliation with Is It Just Us.

Founded, engineered and operated by Mr. Clark A., <a title="Is It Just Us" href="http://IsItJust.us

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SPECIAL: POTUS Trump’s Executive Order 5

On 27 January, 2016, came the “Executive Order: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry to the United States” or, colloquially, the one that started “it” all. In one sense, the public outcry stemming from the order was much ado about nothing. Now, before the effervescent heroes of the broadly-dented left take their gleaming

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Forgotten Flint: Crises Unabated

Flint River tributary pollution

As I began research on this article, I wondered what it would be like to go through what the citizens in Flint, Michigan have experienced every day since 2014. As Americans, many of us don’t think too deeply about the source of our tap water. So, I spent a day, just one day, paying close attention to my water use

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