Press Release: ModState & OverWatch – First Details of Intricate Alliance Unveiled

Saturday, 25 February, 2017







ModState LLC                                                        OverWatch Productions LLC

Metairie, Louisiana                                                Poughkeepsie, New York

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For Immediate Release

Metairie, Louisiana – 25 February, 2017  –

What began as two independent firms that had several shared traits has evolved into a deep-seeded commitment that wasn’t foreseen by anyone involved. Skeptics would readily jump to the obvious conclusion that one of the aforementioned pair is an online current events magazine and the other is an audio engineering outfit and nowhere would the two cross paths outside the cocktail circuit. Fortunately, the two gentlemen tasked with guiding their respective firms aren’t standard-issue entrepreneurs content with orthodox assessments and linear tactical thinking. Instead, the two proudly adhere to a philosophy that, while well-versed in the obvious implications of black and red ink, allows instinct and passion to play a role.

“It is about what you know, sure,” ventured OverWatch Productions’ Eddie Matuk. “But there’s also an element of the spiritual, almost, that comes into play when deciding between seemingly identical courses of action.” Pairing what seems like a lifetime of experience in the sound booth on Matuk’s part with the online media résumé and economics background of his new counterpart began looking like an unfair advantage. “As we approach the one-year anniversary, the 30th of April, for the launch of ModState, y’know, the .com-proper, we’ve become more aggressive in trying to strike that fifty-fifty balance, that one-to-one ratio, of editorial content and online media product like podcasts, video/web simulcasts, et al,” ModState co-founder and managing editor Jonathan DeViney observed. “A big portion of that, the technical aspect of the production and subsequent posting of that media product, however, has proven a towering challenge in terms of time constraints. As much as for the sake of convenience as I’d love to have a twin alongside me in this thing, I don’t. Instead, we went one better when I met Eddie and we started sharing visions and it struck me that another economist/creative guy wasn’t what we needed above all. With OverWatch, I got a fellow rebel with a cause. All of that prowess you hear on display in upstate New York? ModState is gonna keep authoring the media product down here in the GNO [New Orleans Metro area] but from up there [in upstate New York] Eddie and company take a good product, yeah, and make it an awesome product.”

Initially the two entrepreneurs simply ran wild in Xbox Live multiplayer games of “Slayer” [team deathmatch] but through the course of conversation in-between games their mutual interest in online media, American sociopolitical concerns and the overall future of the nation they both love, the inevitable occurred and each in turn confessed to their respective ambitions.

“It was pretty natural,” Matuk says, “with the whole process of what we [OverWatch] do and then looking at what ModState does, it was a natural occurrence for both of us to stop and think about what our two companies offer the other. So I just threw the idea out there of maybe helping polish up the final recordings of their podcasts in the future…not that they’ve been bad, especially considering you’ve got the host, Coker, working with his phone with DeViney on it on speakerphone, a tablet for any clips being played, just…all this stuff going on and bleeding together into his laptop for record, it’s amazing that it has come out the way it has…as in, as good as it has. By no means and insult, it’s really incredible. So, I figured with minimal effort on our part (because we’ve done it so much), we take this great product they make in terms of content and just smooth out the audio-technical aspects of it and make it an all-around hit. It’s all there.”

“Eddie’s right in that this was organic, the development of our alliance. We’ve had an obvious need at ModState to have our online media, our product outside of the editorial realm, to get ironed out. He’s being really kind in terms of the quality of podcast as far as sound goes, but there’s little arguing Coker has done a masterful job in making it sound kosher given that, yes, he’s in Jackson [Mississippi] and I’m down in Metairie on podcast days and he’s doing this that and the other via speaker running ‘live’ into his webcam mic. So I’m not taking anything away from him. OverWatch is stepping in and taking what, content-wise, is a good product and by cleaning it up, it can be great. It’s up to us to then deliver an improved product in terms of content, so the pressure is upped a bit, but Coker’s done a phenomenal job to date with his Political Beast column and corresponding podcast and, really, it’s practically a brand in and of itself. For our part, [graphic design editor] Samuel Wheeler and I are turning out a polished version of the OverWatch logo and I’m working with Jarrod Nix, our firm’s Chief Technical Officer, to establish their social media presence in spots it’s non-existent and to revamp it where it does exist. The problems ModState LLC has experienced in terms of time constraints and, frankly, a dearth of talent when it comes to turning out a finished media product? OverWatch has the same personnel constraints and lack of resources as pertains to maintaining and/or establishing an all-encompassing, web-wide presence in places like LinkedIn where, yeah, as an emergent corporate entity, especially of our variety, it’s essential. So, long story short, it’s not only an alliance rife with idealistic visions that both of us are ecstatic to explore, but it’s also an alliance with an immense level of pragmatic items that are being implemented immediately that will reap near-instant fruit for both OverWatch and ModState. ‘Win-win’ is the way I was raised to do business and I’m pleased to say that, regardless of how long it has been since I’ve taken this sort of step in business independent of traditional authority figures that, no doubt about it, this is an all-around ‘win-win’ that all involved, from South Louisiana to Upstate New York, will be proud of and, at the end of the day, reaping both short-term and long-lasting benefits from.”

With the pair agreeing to reveal only the absolute immediately impacted portions of their alliance, they do venture, in closing, that as their level of cooperation goes beyond the redesign of the OverWatch logo and the expansion of their social media presence and the refining of the ModState non-editorial media product to professional levels, this is nothing short of a tour de force that they are struggling to limit to these simple details. So, when can we expect to hear and/or see more from the duo?

“Meaning, like, aside from the revised logo and us being everywhere on social media, et cetera?” Matuk says with a laugh. “Well, ModState has their one-year anniversary coming up and we’ve got some original launches of our own to celebrate.”

The hints appear to be remaining vague for now. “Yeah, there’s a lot going on under the hood that, well, will get unveiled in due time. Marketing, sure, is part of my expertise, from GamePartisan and the mistakes learned from and the clear adoption of better practices some seven years after that deal folded, sure. But when the time comes, and it’s not quite here yet. But rest assured, this is a pairing that both Louisiana and New York will be ecstatic to see blossom. What we’ve discussed here? It’s a fraction of where this really is at and where it’s truly headed. But like my Chief in the US Navy at my first duty station in DC, a guy I swear could be Sean Payton’s brother, well he once told me planning was great and all, but when it was time to get in the trenches, at any level, that you ‘don’t talk about it, be about it.’ Game on, Chief. The game’s truly afoot.”

Further details, including online addresses of OverWatch and its respective, TBA destinations for customers, fans and potential sponsors alike, will be revealed in the coming weeks and months with appropriate press releases as necessary. At present, Mr. Matuk is hard at work with Mr. DeViney in regards to the production of a Media Kit to be published via his newfound ally and its social media outlets as part of a dual-syndication method of promotion-release-promotion, specifically, beginning with its expanded presence on ModState (

By direction: ModState LLC co-founder and managing editor, Jonathan David DeViney & OverWatch Productions LLC co-founder and lead engineer, Edmund Joseph Matuk III