Podcast Response to POTUS Trump’s Address to Joint Session of U.S. Congress

POTUS Trump w/his Florida campaign mastermind, Mississippi attorney Mitchell Tyner

In what is far and away our shortest podcast to date, Gabe Coker hosted an episode of his “Political Beast” podcast Tuesday night immediately following President Trump’s first address to a joint session of the United States Congress. He kindly invited me to join him and at 24 minutes nearly on the dot, it’s a quick and easy listen.

In the interest of full disclosure and providing us both with a dose of humility, Gabriel says the date is January 28th (as opposed to 28 February) at the outset and, later on, intending to say the POTUS hasn’t been in office 100 days yet I said “100 months.” While the latter remark is certainly true (as he hasn’t been in office 100 months) it’s a worse mistake, I feel, as 96 months (8 years) is the longest one may serve in consecutively-elected terms. Granted, it is possible to eclipse the 100-month mark if one came into power by way of removal of the prior POTUS with two years left on his/her term and then went on to be elected twice to the position. Thus, the maximum time allowed in the office of POTUS is ten years, per the 22nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The 22nd Amendment details the limitation of the length of any POTUS’ reign to two consecutive terms and, in case of removal of the prior POTUS, a total of ten years. The urban legend goes that while, yes, FDR is the obvious cause of this that the Democrats truly feared Eisenhower would never leave office and thus, the 22nd. (Yes, he was apparently THAT popular).

Regardless, these silly errors are likely due to rushing to get the product done and out the proverbial door; not an excuse but an explanation.

On a far brighter note, while we conducted this podcast long-distance (Gabe hosting in Jackson, state capitol of Mississippi) and I called in (from Metairie, Louisiana, where the New Orleans Saints are headquartered), this was the first official foray by OverWatch Productions in their newfound role of media editing and production for our podcasts, et cetera. Eddie Matuk, as co-founder and lead engineer of the firm, did a great job of improving the clarity and making my voice via cell phone sound not as distorted as it normally would. In addition to future episodes of the podcast, OverWatch will also be responsible for the audio engineering of our pending video/web series’ and simulcasts as ModState‘s parent company, in turn, takes the reins of social media promotion (LinkedIn, specifically) and graphic design reboot for our new network allies.

We’re obviously rather excited about this development and, in the meantime, we do hope you appreciate this short, rapid response to POTUS Trump’s excellent primetime speech.