With One-Year Anniversary the Event Horizon, ModState Embraces Smooth Transition into Year #2

Not everyone foresaw just how thoroughly successful the first year of ModState would end up being on any given metric, let alone that it would increase its launch day traffic by over 17,000% and spend a mere $433.00 on social media marketing on the year. The sum total of all moving parts, when compiled, is a picture that no one short of God saw coming. Yet, in the midst of the strain and seemingly near-chaos of marking the emergence of a new media outlet in a stereotypically cutthroat sector of journalism, God could hardly argued to be far from the combined efforts of the joint staff and its aims of helping the insurgent ModState LLC become both a profitable and civically-responsible firm. If such an argue was to be launched, we would most certainly love to be in on it.

Needless to say, at this point, the first year of ModState‘s full-fledged, post-launch existence has been a full one and it’s not over yet. That’s entirely the sort of pirate mentality (that “we’re not even done with a year yet” mentality) that has enabled us to cut through the beleaguered fat and know (full well in advance) that two things are beyond self-evident heading into our second full year of operations: first and foremost, for any underdog struggling against so massive of odds as we are, there is no real tomorrow (or so one in our standing must feel in proverbial terms) and second being that (beyond our own healthy pride/self-respect) we’ve got absolutely nothing to lose from this enterprise. This, these two factors combined? These two things juxtaposed in the same camp make us very dangerous to idle bystanders within our industry (those resting on their laurels and/or sitting on their lilies) and thusly sexy to random passerby.

Beyond the obvious, expected piecemeal measures of most in the media sector and the media-viewing public in this nation, ModState has yet to be beset by the kind of godlessness vividly embraced and portrayed in “V For Vendetta” and taken for granted by the merciless, intellectual austerity unwittingly portrayed by Salon,. Nevertheless, unwitting or not, it’s just as present there as the deserved “guilty” verdict for the arson of honesty by POLITICO in their haste to take editing and marching orders from the Clinton campaign not far-removed from the entire Brazile-gate affair(s). In the grand scheme of things, ModState has not secured a significant investment (much less any series of investments) and has, again, little more than a handful of moderate sponsorships in size and scale to date. Notwithstanding, short of a fall of Atari proportions, the first and final fiscal year of ModState LLC will end in the black confines of profit (however slim).

Before anyone judges the prior statement with dredd, know that the LLC is merely being absorbed by a full-fledged “C” corporation. That is, the anticipated benefits provided by our being encapsulated by a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) are set to be duly overshadowed and outnumbered by the foreseen hazards of the same. Therefore, the LLC will be absorbed by and into the newly-formed corporation of DeViney Enterprises, Ltd., also founded and operated in The GNO (Greater New Orleans), specifically, Metairie (central-ish New Orleans), Louisiana. Each of the current primary financial stakeholders of ModState are present and accounted for in the new enterprise only to be joined by a new slate of allies (albeit limited in their current mass and scope) and imbued by a relative flush of equally-ascendant operating capital and cash reserves. By no means indicative of any semblance of guaranteed success, what this does guarantee is that while our first year will officially end on a financially-successful string of positive notes in terms of profit, however minor, and therefore set the stage for the continued expansion of the immensely-strong building blocks we’ve set in place to date.

For one, the continuity of staffing continues both at a corporate level (with our board of directors unchanged save for the addition of Chief Technology Officer Peter Clevenger, currently out of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area) and in terms of our editorial staff. The latter is set to unveil several key additions prior to our official one-year launch anniversary (30 April, 2017) but all current leadership posts and integral personnel placement(s) remain congruous. Yours truly remains in the GM-esque role of managing editor (continuing to oversee the necessary mod and maintenance of editorial policy, contributing edits and review of the same as necessary whilst generating my own editorial product, et cetera) and Gabe Coker persists in his recently-cemented post as senior editor. As for the rest of the best, they’re staying put also. Again, several critical, thoroughly-talented additions are set to be made, and on the technical aspect of the staff of the site-proper, Samuel Wheeler (designer of the original/current ModState logo) remains on-board for another term as graphic design editor.

For second/thirds/finals (for now), et al, there’s some items (such as staffing additions) and design and promotional editions of “things” that aren’t being revealed or unveiled at this time because we’re holding to a few surprises for our one-year anniversary because we damned-well please. Rest assured, it’s all good and only stand to serve as even more thoroughly ingratiating baseline beacons of just how underrated we’ve been in our first year of formal operations and, subsequently, just how damned confident we are that our best in undoubtedly in front of all of us (as in wayyyy ahead of us all) in no small terms, unequivocally. Period. As we continue to round out our 11th full month of operations here with a few polishing moves this weekend, thank you all for sticking around to find out more about not merely this weekend and not just this month but also for the coming year. Let me just say, also with no semblance of doubt, more than one surprise awaits those worthy heroes in our regular audience (meaning all of our readers) on the day of our one-year launch anniversary. So, with that, tuning in on 30 April, 2017, will mean a lot to more than just us. You’ll be glad you stuck with ModState, if nothing else, for at least that day of “once more” breach-type stuff, i.e.

In the meantime, before the weekend does close out, please feel free to drop us a line (we’ve got Facebook feedback forms all over the site and also our e-mail address is clearly linked on the sidebar). I’ll not list it for you here, y’lazy! Find it, and we’ll know you mean business and want your letter not only read but also cited and responded to publically in our upcoming “Mailbag” feature. If not, fine then, don’t! Au revoirs!



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