NeoSpeak: Flynn-again, Intel and Greatest Smokescreen of All Time(?)

If one good turn truly deserves another (as the timeless axiom goes), then it’s no small feat that Washington D.C. manages to accomplish anything at all. The plot has thickened and twisted and turned over the past year-plus (before the 30 April, 2016 official launch of ModState) in a mind-numbing array of shocks that often are no longer considered as much.

Case in point? While I follow this perennial trainwreck on a level almost worthy of the label “hourly” I still can’t quite surmise what in God’s name is going on with the House Intelligence Committee in terms of the Chairman’s motivation, why the POTUS would encourage Gen. Flynn to seek immunity, and why the MSM (mainstream media) persists in yet another round of “Handwriting On the Wall” predictions about the demise of Donald J. Trump that ought hold no more weight. Ever. Why?

To each: if Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was attempting to “help” the President (as he has been “charged” by the pan-PR firm of the Democratic Party, also known as “The Mainstream Media”) he certainly has a funny way of showing it. While it’s difficult to surmise a willing member of the President’s transition team would deliberately aim to hurt the Executive Office, several items offering more clarity include that ruling out the involvement of President Obama and not denying the FBI’s non-involvement are not only items that don’t help Trump but, regardless of tactical missteps, Rep. Nunes clearly must be granted the benefit of the doubt here. He’s amongst the more reserved, non-inflammatory members of both Houses of Congress and has more than ample support (including prior colleagues and supporters) back home in Central Valley California stating clearly that Nunes is not the type to commit an act of such marked importance out of a desire for publicity. The man has hardly made news since being appointed by former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to his current post as said Intel Committee Chairman.

Next, when the Feds offer someone immunity, it can implicate guilt or a desire to simply offer protection and/or reassurance to a potential whistleblower in exchange for valuable testimony. There are several, well-documented examples of this in the nonstop revolving door of names involved in the Clinton E-mail/Clinton Foundation debacles. In this case, however, that Gen. Flynn (USA ret.) is openly seeking immunity on his own would constitute “strange” handily. Add to it the even more bizarre note that President Trump is openly encouraging Flynn to do so and there’s more questions than answers (again). First, let’s get this out of the way in that yes, when you seek immunity, more often than not it’s (to one degree or another) an acknowledgement of guilt. While it could be for protection or reassurances in exchange for testimony, again, that tends to pertain to individuals the government has sought out, and not the other way around. That someone as high-profile as Flynn would not even attempt to hide his tactical decision-making is, again, odd but the greatest quandary of them all: why would President Trump give such a move by Flynn two thumbs-up, particularly after the equally-bizarre move of labeling his own White House as being under siege similar to Watergate. And, no hyperbole here, the POTUS actually namedropped Watergate…on his own administration.

In a quick close to this short, while I successfully “called” The Rust Belt for Trump (joining Michael Moore in so doing), I’ll refrain from predicting invincibility here while making a very clear assertion: the media (especially of the mainstream variety) needs to learn from recent history replete with examples of the laughability of calling Trump’s time limited or issuing clarion calls, warning of his “undoubtedly” imminent demise. The truth is, we’ve been listening to the same talking heads issue failed memo after disingenuous full-frontal public vomit following each seeming outrage (“bleeding from her wherever”, “Little” Marco, “Lyin’ Ted,” “Crooked” Hillary, “grab ‘em by the” [meow], et al]. As much as the MSM (again, the DNC’s own PR firm) would love to be correct once a decade, they may have to wait awhile longer as pertains to the current POTUS because, sure, we quip “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” But in the case of the MSM and the Teflon Donald, they might better serve their egos and collective reputations (all the better for holiday cocktail season) by acknowledging the stunning repeal of the Propaganda Act (and it being hidden in the military budget of 2013, no less) and the frightening divesture of central control over the privacy of, yes, private citizens behind what looks like the biggest smokescreen of all time.

Until there is a smoking gun (never seen one; always a caterpillar or some maladjusted Berkeley “Bro” I see smoking) that the media is failing to find out of love for Trump, give it a rest. Nobody in the MSM cared about Uranium One’s significant (as in $30+ million) investment in the Clinton Foundation, and that’s troublesome given their status as a Russian oligarchy puppet corporation.

Why not talk about all of this instead of just some of it? I hate repeating myself and so I’ll let everyone off for the day (provided good behavior) if you’ll only recall who I’ve kindly reminded e’rr’body just who handles the DNC’s PR. Au revoirs!


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