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We’ve already looked into the state of mind of the GOP candidates. Now I would like to take a look at the state of mind of America, the people of America. Americans are upset with the way things are. They are most definitely ready for a major change. We have the two extremists and their followers butting heads nearly literally, why is that? What has changed in the heart of America to make her people act in such ways? Well, let’s take a look.

America’s people, no matter where they fall on the party line, are tired of the lies and empty promises from the white house. They are tired of their representatives not delivering. They are tired of nothing getting done on the business side of things to benefit the people. They don’t like how for the first time in the history of this beloved country, we look weak. We are not feared, simply because our leadership is weak and we can’t stand it! The politicians, whether it be in congress or the president/ presidential candidates have forgotten that the people hold the power. Perhaps even the people have forgotten that. Thank you, Dr. Ben Carson for trying to remind the people of that during your campaign. Unfortunately, it may be too little too late for this slow realization to make a difference. The government has gotten so large that there may be (in fact probably) no going back. And it is this realization that, I believe, has spurred on the favor for the two extremists to either feel the Bern or to want to “Make America Great Again”.

Those feeling the Bern have been fed the lie that they are entitled to free ____, you name it! Sometime in the past decade the yuppies have been told and believed it, if you can wrap your head around that, that they deserve to have free education, healthcare, etc. How these young minds can swallow that foul tasting lie, I am not entirely sure? Perhaps it’s simply that they heard it long enough and there was no honest voice to set things straight. We all know if we hear/say something long enough we will start to believe it. Whatever the reason though, now is the time for the voice of truth to speak out and be heard. These poor, dimwitted, children if you will, have been lied to long enough. The voice of truth must ring out so loud and repetitively that, that is what is believed and accepted. If only these young deceived minds had enough sense to look around to the rest of the world and see that Bernie’s socialism NEVER works. Not once has it produced beneficial living standards anywhere in the world. If I am wrong, please show me.

Then we have those who have fallen for the fluffy haired, pursed lipped, close minded jerk (to put it nicely), that have been just as deceived as those who are Berning, or perhaps I should say burning like they will make this country if they have their way. Donald receives all the attention because he squeals the loudest. He demands the attention of any one around, much like the attention whore child who is also a bully because he receives no love or affection from home and must tear the other children down so they will not see his MANY faults, yet sucks up to the teacher because he desperately wants to be loved. The real question here though is why is America giving this needy child their attention? Well as it turns out the young Marco Rubio was right, he is a great con artist. Donald Trump is highly intelligent and has learned to tell the people (or the teacher he’s sucking up to) what they want to hear even if he doesn’t believe a single bit of it. He has been playing this bully/ suck up game for so long he has mastered it. Its’ really quite impressive and almost an art. However, to do away with unwanted behavior from a child acting out, the best thing to do is ignore those behaviors entirely. The louder the child screams and the more they kick, the more interested the adults must become in something else. The child will soon enough learn that tantrums and bad behavior will not get them what they want. Then the child must also be shown that poor behavior will bring about unwanted consequences. When Donald Trump gets mouthy and starts using profanity, the American people must show him that is not okay. First the behavior should have been ignored, definitely not applauded. Then it should have acted as negative points against him. Those who endorse that unprofessional, irresponsible, immature man with an utter lack of self-control have taught him that not only is it okay to act in such ways, but that it is good. It brings about the desired effects of attention. He doesn’t care if the attention is good or bad, just as long as the American people keep saying his name. Well, I believe it is time to teach this over grown bully child a lesson and cut off the attention thrown his way. Ignore his tantrums and taunting.  He then will be forced to actually talk about policy and how he intends to make America great again.

I know buy writing about him in my article I am in effect giving him attention. However, this article is not directed at that pitiful child of a man. This article is directed at the people of America. The ones that hold the power and get to choose who they want to represent them to the rest of the world, protect them and serve them. Remember the president of the United States of America is there to SERVE the American people. Notice I put emphasis on two words there. The first I believe is self-explanatory. The second needed emphasis, because many living in America are not American citizens. The President, and our government period, are not in place to serve those individuals. They are there to serve the tax paying, American citizens.

In synopsis what I believe is going on in the mind of the American people is a lot of denial actually as well as frustration and fear. Americans are denying responsibility for finances, human regard/ life, etc., thus feeling entitled and Berning. People on both sides are frustrated from the utter lack of business that has been conducted by congress and the president. People are also lastly scared. Isis is a real threat and will probably soon be infiltrating America. People are scared of losing freedom to an overbearing president, people are scared of another world war. Donald Trump has realized all these things and pointed out that he will “fix these things” but he never tells us how he intends to do so. He has played into the fear and anger/ frustration of America and simply because the feeling of the people is being recognized, they love him. They are desperate and falling for the scam.

However, there are more options out there besides these two extremists and I want to encourage the people to look into the character of the candidates, and the track record. Has the candidate proven trustworthy?  Has he or she proven that they can/ do actually get things done? Or do they just do a lot of talk and use our so fragile and ever wavering emotions to trick our hearts into doing the thinking for us?


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  1. Where did this site/blog/e-mag come from? Like how did it get together & why isn’t it every where ? It’s worth bookmarking most definitely

  2. What are great article! You’ve eloquently put into words everything that I feel about the presidential candidates, and I know many others feel the same way, or at least they should. These are the facts, and I’m scared that too many American’s are just hearing the candidates recognize their struggles, as you pointed out, and that they fall in love with them for that reason only. Americans as a while need to look at the big picture!

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