Blind Consent: A Libertarian View to a Cause

So many people are just content in the idea of the political spectrum being strictly confined to the ‘left/right paradigm’ that it’s really quite disgusting. History paints a picture of another struggle that this country has fought since its inception; Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists, or in more contemporary terms it could also be defined as Statists vs. Anti-Statists. Unfortunately, the way we “vote,” or, in reality the “choices” given to us by the Democrats and Republicans have resulted in a varying but (overall) steady growth of the Federal Government over the history of this country. This is somewhat of a different angle than Ms. Hughes approached in her latest State of Mind column here on ModState. In that article, she gave a very articulate analysis of what she believes to be a subliminal indoctrination through popular culture to get our generation (specifically) to be openly accept and condone homosexuality.

I honestly thought Obergefell v. Hodges (the Supreme Court case where the Court made legalized Gay Marriage across the board) was their Mt. Everest, or the political coup de gras of the LGBT community. But now Comrade, excuse me, President Obama has seen it fit to force his agenda through Big Brother to protect a demographic that doesn’t come close to being 1% of the population. I grew up in a socially progressive household and have been around LGBTs my whole life (even though I’ve only ever personally known one person that was transgender, and he had a change of heart and totally stepped out of it). Anyway, as an Evangelical I’d like to think I have a very unique perspective on all this. I can say with absolute certainty that there are very bad apples in both barrels that occupy the extremes of this political pissing contest. I don’t want to tarry anymore on the current confusion over what bathroom people are supposed to use. Instead, let’s take a walk through what gave our Government the right to decide what marriage is.

Like all my other fellow ‘Jesus Freaks,’ I know that the King is coming again. In the meantime, Evangelicals have to come to grips with the reality that we don’t live in a theocracy (I believe the Messiah will bring that). Realistically, we live in what would be correctly labeled as a Democratic Republic. If you closely examine our founding documents, there isn’t even an insinuation that I see that infringes on LGBT’s opportunity to be in an adult and consensual relationship. I’m not saying that the Bible or Christians should be forced to conform or to approve or be accepting of homosexuality. I am saying, however, that our political founding documents are not condemning of what the PC police called ‘Alternative Lifestyles’ in the 80’s and 90’s.

Examining the earliest records we have of Western Civilization (the term seems like a joke at times, admittedly), the only solid inference to make concerning the subject of marriage is that it was an institution that was always defined and governed by religion (or, The Church). The first instance I’ve seen of Government infringing on the freedom of religious practice (and expression) is in France. Vive’ le France! The French got so sick and tired of the Catholic Church meddling in the estates of families and dictating what marriages they would or wouldn’t recognize that they took action to ensure that the French Government would handle marriage and probate documents to cultivate a fair way of heirs to get what was theirs. Can you believe it?! They were willing abandon the Church and strip them of their authority and surrender it to another rotating door of bureaucrats who will take their share of what they want before you get yours. With the abuses of the clergy (which inspired a chunk of our “Founding Fathers” to become Deists) being rampant at the time, I can’t really say I blame them. The other major players in Europe adopted a similar set of policies over time; Now we get to go to good ole Lady Liberty.

To be fair and realistic, there have been members of the LGBT community that share a similar burden that a majority of the French people felt, which is: They want to have the right to hospital visits, to will their property, or have the right to pay for insurance for their significant other. There were obviously no federal laws on the books to facilitate that. In the 70’s, for whatever reason, there were a handful of couples in various states across the country that petitioned their state government for a marriage license and (clearly) none of them were granted.

Moving a little closer to modern times you had “civil unions” and “civil partnership”, et cetera, to make it on the books in the Dark Blue states, but I think it’s fair to say that the biggest roadblock on their political path to “freedom” they’ve encountered since the 70’s is the HIV/AIDS virus. You’re a fool if you believe that Democrats have always been bleeding hearts for the downtrodden. Hillary Clinton was an adamant supporter of traditional marriage until magically her mind was opened 6 years ago. The stuff people say to get elected, you know? You can count Barack H. Obama in that camp too, this ‘champion’ proclaimed on his first Presidential campaign in ’08 that: “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.” Transparent administration my ass…more like opaque.

I’m white, Judeo-Christian in my faith, and a heterosexual. I personally have no dog in the fight for Gay Rights. I see the hypocrisy of my brethren for their majority response to the LGBT community of neglect or bigotry (leave ‘em alone or persecute them). I’ve always been one to take up for the underdog, but I have a very difficult time supporting a cause with the flag bearer for gay marriage in San Francisco being arrested for possession of child pornography. I just can’t commit myself to that cause. And on a final personal note, there is a major difference between Christian religious expression and Christian persecution. This whole nation could stand to grow a backbone and get over whatever they get offended about.


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