Fabriquè en Babylon: The Generation Who Sold The World


“I’d hate America if I didn’t love it so much.”

Allow me to explain. Looking at my surroundings, my “office” (occupying a fair portion of the spare bedroom) had begun to reflect the film noir manifesto in terms of aesthetics. “But,” I began aloud to myself, “was that a subconscious effort to reflect my slowly-acquired (but carefully nursed) tastes?” Or was it mere coincidence that “Blade Runner” had begun to creep in? I’d always tended toward shirt and tie. It had initially served as a rebuke to my generation and its sense of fashion (or lack thereof) and now had made room for bedmates. I still loved to sport a suit whenever possible, but I was capable of allowing the people around me to relax even if I didn’t via jeans, t-shirt or Polo with a jacket whenever the heat wasn’t stifling about. Throw in a partial bottle of clear spirits (gin or vodka), a blank or inquisitive expression, volumes and pictures of classic literature, historical figures, et cetera?NighthawksModState

See “the world’s Loudest Introvert” sit, Windows 10 aboot, “Casino Boogie” ending on the speakers at the crackling end. Following an infinitesimal lull, Bill Wyman’s off-beat four-on-the-floor bass of “Miss You” hits my ears like crap to the nares of a canine: What kind of white [expletive deleted] version of [expletive deleted] rock and roll is this?! According to tradition, The Blues had twins and they named them “Rock” and “Roll”, and from me comes the love for the avant-garde sweep across the dance floor. You need me? Follow the delicate waft of vodka slightly under the influence of fresh raspberries en route to the bar.

You wanna know what I think as opposed to what I don’t think. Got it.

Let’s rock and roll, baby.

There’s no way around this one, ladies and gentlemen (all nine of you): Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump! That is the only valid label I have for the nominee of the Republican Party. Otherwise, I don’t know that Cleveland will survive July 2016 in one piece.

Clinton has no choice but to have Sanders as her running mate. Forget the fiasco on the other side and make a smart move with your VEEP-select. This arrangement thickens the audience and pocketbooks accessible to probably two (if I had to make a realistic guess) of Sanders’ causes that remain (I’m guessing) and the vast majority of the Millenials who said they would only vote for Sanders. A minority (headed by Susan Sarandon!) say they’ll vote for Donald Trump in lieu of Sanders being the POTUS nominee because they believe he is the likelier of the Clinton/Trump brood to foment revolution.

She’s no Richard Nixon and the Hollywood finish to a massively underachieving effort in spite of ample funds will, yes, be defeated in the General Election by Donald J. Trump and, yep, “Little” Marco Rubio. The circle complete, the Trump Administration begins with an Executive Order to audit all Federal departments (including the FBI and Department of the Interior) and The Federal Reserve.

And with Sanders squaring off in the triangular icosahedron against Donald J, the “Bernie & The Jests” roadshow takes a different route than one forged with a road-hoe by garnering a lawsuit from, you guessed it, Elton John.

And, hey! Everybody loves a caveat, right? I’ve always said and heard countless gurus of neolife say that “if there’s anything that everybody always loves e’rr’where, it’s caveats and recaps!” The ignominious misapplication of these sacred concepts is on no finer mission of display than through the “legislative calendar year” which they dare to label as such in writing.

AfghanistanFrenchForcesAnd you know, I could wind up eating some sautéed crow at some point here, but I don’t think so. Why would I? As Don King once quipped, “you gotta be the right combination of wit, grit and bullshit.” Color me present and, well, so yeah just leave him alone.

So these anti-Bohemian whores think they can sell this country down the river (or distract from the Reds actually accomplishing the act)? Nope. Not today, not now, not ever.

Left for dead in Twentynine Palms fifteen months ago, I’m still standing all these many moons later. Y’all better get it right: because I’m back.

There’s no path to undoing the damage already accosting the national interest, no way to unring that bell. Nevertheless, ModState is going to interject itself into a number of conversations where I will gladly stand and say that we’re no longer going to keep up with the Kardashians while Rome burns. This tripe, this whoredom lot of sex tapes creating fame? Sure, Barry, these kids are more technologically proficient than prior generations because we’ve got virtual reality set to slip through Windows 10 and change everything. But can they survive in a time of national energy crisis? Will they stand and be counted when the game hangs in the balance?

Could we win World War II today? Who’s asking that? No, no, this DeViney guy? He’s not trending. #LMFAO

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Lookin' kindaaaa "pimpy" there, Dicky!
Lookin’ kindaaaa “pimpy” there, Dicky!

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  1. “Keeping up with the Kardashians While Rome Burns” … THAT was out and out stunning and its only too bad they’re not being forced to listen to things like this on loop until they go as nuts as they’ve made everyone else and their heads or something on their person out and out X-kabooms … seemed a little bit lenient or a bit more so anyway describing it that way so yeah guys (and girl if u are one never know nowadays) keep it up and youre doing the right thing by getting out of California while anyting is worth somethin here … don’t know how long anything will be worth anything here ., sounds crazy yesh but so did the idea of drilling into dry bedrock fifteen yars ago … get out and def don’t stop until you see the C in your rearview mirror

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