California Primary Awaits Clinton, Sanders and Trump

"You shaggy hippies have some nerve!" - Robot Nixon
“You shaggy hippies have some nerve!” – Robot Nixon

While this is going to be a bit of an ongoing event  (as of time of starting this post it is 03:44 in San Diego), the analytics are in and a steady stream of polling absentee/exceptional ballots has set a number of items into motion that has several pollsters indicating that there’s going to be a hairline margin of victory regardless of who wins the California Democratic Primary today.

Not really sure what inspired this individual to unfurl the flag of a now-defunct threat to U.S. sovereignty...trying to make DJT look better?
Not really sure what inspired this individual to unfurl the flag of a now-defunct threat to U.S. sovereignty…trying to make DJT look better?

While short of Divine Intervention Donald J. Trump appears secure in the fast lane to the GOP nomination, there continue to be murmurs about the credibility/fraudulence (depending upon your perspective) of the total number of delegates currently possessed by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders due to the unpledged nature of the so-called “Super Delegates” to start with. As the nomination cycle wears on, then said SD’s can latch onto and support whomever they please. Shock of all shocks, a seemingly corrupt, pliable political tool being wielded by the Clinton’s. And that’s where this might get messing, because we’re seeing consistent indicators that, all things being equal, Sanders has a very strong chance of prevailing tomorrow.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-Vermont)
Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-Vermont)

A Sanders insider who made comment on condition of anonymity stated, “Minus Clinton corruption, a win is not only possible but likely.” And, oh my, can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments over the fact the likely DNC nominee didn’t win The State of California? That said, we’ve gotten this to you from our insider who promises more comment from The Bay Area once polls upon. Until then, take care.


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