House GOP launch new website in Election Year Agenda Rollout

Turf of Speaker Ryan (R-WI)
Turf of Speaker Ryan (R-WI)

Today marks the official launch of “A Better Way” by The House GOP, a six point policy publication highlighting the most dire needs in American Federal government. Poverty, the economy, tax reform, healthcare (reform regardless), national security and The Constitution round off the list of items that Speaker Ryan (R-WI) and the cat herd that is the House GOP have chosen to address Americans living below the poverty line as their first (most apparent) objective. This seems within reason because, pretending there were no election year votes to obtain, any group is as strong as their weakest link and rescuing those below the poverty line is paramount to closing the income gap to any recognizable degree. The good Speaker and his fellow surly elephants could use a facelift of sorts, and genuine outreach to the poor is the right thing to do, both politically and as we, having certain inalienable rights, count among those today the social safety net. I’ll be back. Looks to be an interesting day out here on The Left Coast. Au revoirs!




One thought on “House GOP launch new website in Election Year Agenda Rollout

  1. You’re delivering these things as if it’s going to tip the scale ever so slightly in a direction so WHOM is the scheming being done for? or is there the beginnings of a strange relationship btw modstae and congress> you know there’s been weirder shit tjan what i’m saying happening ModState is a good site that actually yeah could make a dent bc you guys actyally talk about wgat up and don’t regurgitate soebodys elses thoughts and agenda– I get it its not liberal (communist actually is better lable) and the libertarianism expressed by the guy with the hat BYRON and then there’s a well guarded feeling floating around tht 1- you guys are much bigger than you’re letting on,,,,tough to do nowadays, 2) evetybody or maybe everybodys not aware that yall are hiding your true urpose if you are 3) if everythn before was wrng ad finally I’m at tht one I think is prolly it and that’s that you’ve gottn a very salty crew of hardened battle veterans from the war of life itself- and bc youre your roung and chari JUST PLEASE TELL ME HOW YLL LEAN AS A PUBLICATION and EEP ,E FOLED IN

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