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children-around-the-worldThere are so many different ethnicities and life styles living in America and for some reason we feel the need to hyphenate certain ethnicities. No other country in the world does that. You do not see an Englishman living in Japan that profiles him self as English-Japanese for example. Or even African living in Mexico labeling themselves as an African-Mexican. It even sounds funny to say. Why is it then that Americans do it here and has become so common place?

In lieu of the recent events taking place in the world (and America), it is even more important than ever that we look into this. That we get to the root of it, see why it is a problem and then fix that problem. Together. I want to look at two specific problems going on in not only in the world abroad, but here on our soil as well before they tear us, Americans, apart.

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The first topic I would like to bring up is the violent attacks on homosexuals. This is only going to get worse as the Islamic terrorists attack more. Now, I want to make it clear from the beginning I, personally, do not agree with nor condone the homosexual lifestyle. However, that is hardly the point of this article and should not be the topic of politics today. There are so many life styles that are condemned in the Bible, most people tend to forget about, but love to focus on homosexuality. Anyways, I am not writing this to sermonize or get into the theology. I am writing today to bring up that we don’t hate on the rich man who lives a materialistic life style with a half plastic wife. We don’t badger the gluttonous neighbor at the store that uses the electric powered shopping cart because burning a few extra calories might literally make their heart explode. No, we as Americans love to hate the homosexual.

My first problem with the church here is that being so wrong! Sinfully wrong. Christ did not hate the person no matter the sin. Yes, homosexuality is one that attacks Christianity in a big way. That is the very reason though that it must be “combatted” in the most Christ like manner. We must love the person. My second problem is the blind eye the church turns on the other condemned lifestyles that attack other characteristics of God and Christianity.

Now, as always I have a call to action. If you are a part of the church and don’t like what you have just read, ask yourself why it is that it bothered you so much. Then examine those statements with the heart of God. What does the Bible have to say about those topics, I just wrote about? Then react.

My plea for America, every citizen, resident, man, woman and child, is to acknowledge the homosexual first and foremost as a person. A human being with life. That person ought to be treated with love, dignity and respect simply because they breathe (Wade A. McNair, PhD.). Now, don’t you go reading into that and say, “well let’s make sure they stop breathing. Then, we don’t have to treat them with respect.” Wrong. Then you become a murder and are punishable by law, and justly so. Anyone who we disagree with their lifestyle still has the right to practice that life style as long as it is not causing any harm to anyone else. Every one legally living here in America has the right to pursue happiness. Don’t be confused, that is not saying everyone has the right to happiness, but simply to pursue it. With that being said, the homosexual community (in America) needs to be accepted as Americans. I don’t like the “in your face”, blasphemous attitude of much of that community anymore than the next average Joe or Saintly Susan. However, that does not give me the right to be hateful of the person or group of people.

Now, I hope the homosexual and the LGBT and any other letter I left out will read this article, feel accepted and tone down their “in your face” agenda. This article is just as much to them as it is to the other side. They must not try and be divisive just the same as the conservatives and The Church.

Moving right along to the next topic, that is of the war between the white man and the black man. I do not adhere to political correctness, so I will not even try to pretend. However, I do try very hard to make sure my words and actions are loving to all. Let me clarify when I say to all. To all means to every human living, for there is but one race, that being the human race.

I don’t understand where this deep seeded ethnic/racial hatred comes from. It has been brought up by our Managing Editor (Jonathan DeViney) in conversation that

ModState managing editor on 12 January, 2016, prior to the final State of the Union from President Obama
ModState managing editor on 12 January, 2016, prior to the final State of the Union from President Obama

perhaps it is due to the long past of the black ancestors who were sold into slavery, many were beaten and many died. I would just like to point out that many did not, and once freed many chose to stay with their previous owner because their life was good there. If this is the cause of the hatred, the Africans that were brought over here were not in a place to very easily fight back. Now though the black Americans are in a position where they can fight back. This case is understandable. However, incredibly wrong and un-American. I acknowledge what many Africans went through was awful, horrible, sinful and no amount of words can fix it.

If that is not the reasoning behind this hatred and evil acts, then what is? For that I do not have the answer. But I have a possible solution. If we all, black, white, yellow, brown, or even green, were to not adhere to being a hyphenated American, but were to just be Americans there would be no argument. This goes for all groups (gender, ethnicity, et cetera). If we all act like Americans and we all love and respect one another as humans and fellow countrymen, we would not have the problems that are discussed above. We of course are responsible for our actions and reactions no matter what anyone else says or does to us. We are completely responsible for how we act toward others. We can not pass off the blame because they wronged us first. Let us all act above reproach and treat others how we would want to be treated regardless of how we have been treated.

I am saying let love be the guiding factor here. That is not to say that I do not believe there is not ever a time and place for harsh words and actions. There are consequences to each one of our actions. It’s one of the laws of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is true in the socio and emotional world as well. Some actions need to be punished, they should not be tolerated. Just as a child that acts out should be punished. That is because we want to train our children to act in the world to make it a better place for us all. The same principle applies today for children and adults equally. Of course children are much easier to train in regards to their behaviors, but adults too can be trained or re-trained how to act in a society that would benefit us all.

Now before I let my psychologist thinking take over, I must return to my original topic of being American. Everyone that is living in America currently as a citizen ought to be an American before they are much of anything else. I am not putting American citizenship and patriotism above religious convictions, but in relations to everyone else we must note the one thing we have in common. That being we are all Americans. We all love this country. We certainly have our issues with her, but if we truly did not love her we would not be a part of her. Thus, that should run how we talk and treat others. Those who do not think America is great and think they would be better off elsewhere, then go elsewhere. To the Americans of Mexican decent, waving the Mexican flag chanting “Vive Mexico”, if you are so in love with Mexico and think she is so great, go back. Go across the border and stay there. If you don’t want to do that it is probably due to the fact that you know America is much greater than anywhere else for many reasons and that is why immigrants from all over the world want to be here. That is why we exist, because people all over the world want a better life. They want the American dream, to come here and have the freedom we possess. Well, come here and have your freedom! But know that the whole reason you are coming here is to be in America, not make America like where you just came from. For if that were the case then there would be no point in coming to America.

We all need to think back to the very fabric of what makes us great and what made us to begin with. We are a nation made of immigrants and will continue to welcome immigrants. Those immigrants must adhere to the American way. I am going to remind us all once more, we all are here because we want to be American. We want what America has, so we must conform to those ways, laws and customs. Just as a man and woman leave behind their families and join together to become a new family so must the immigrant. No, never forget where you came from. Never forget your heritage and customs, but do conform your ways to that of the American, your new family. Let us live by the golden rule. Forgive, but never forget lest we make the same mistake twice. Let us join together as Americans and make it a great place for us all, so that it can be great for us individually.



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