Executive Completion: the Anti-Vote Election

I am incredibly disheartened. I have sat through two presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate and I hear more insults than I do specifics on how those who want the positions on the leader of our country intend to do the job. I see only intimidation, fodder being slung and hatred. Two adults vying for the most powerful position as a leader of this great nation lowering themselves to schoolyard bullying. This he said she said manner of debating is an utter insult to the intelligence of the American people and I find myself whispering the same question over and over again. If this country truly belongs to the American people, why are these our only two choices for President?

Shouldn’t a way to offer a viable alternative be in place for a situation such as this? Historically speaking, a third party ticket is not a viable option and I am referring to a viable option. Let me clarify. In the 52nd quadrennial Presidential election Ross Perot ran on the Independent ticket and gained nearly 20% of the popular vote. He still did not have a chance at becoming President of the United States because, realistically speaking, currently it is either the person who is running on either the democratic or republican ticket who will get the position in office. Personally, I think that this is entirely unacceptable. However, this is the reality in which we currently exist.

So, I ask, shouldn’t there be a way to deal with a situation such as the one we are facing right now? If we are, indeed, facing the options of two candidates who are wholly unqualified to run our country then shouldn’t another method of drumming up viable alternatives be accessible? Are we really here? At this place? Going to the polls to choose from two candidates who aren’t truly deserving of such an honorary position as that of the Presidential Seat? The best of the worst two picks, so to speak? No, we deserve better. There must be a better way than this. Simply put, the American voters deserve better options.


We are not lemmings. Something feels wrong because something is wrong. This system is broken. Neither candidate deserves to be in office. Clinton is the very essence of modern American Aristocracy. The very principle of what our founding fathers fought against when they broke away from England in the first place. Trump is a racist, bigot and misogynist. The very qualities that halt social growth and justice from flourishing. Neither are acceptable options for leader of our great country and if a third party option is not a viable possibility for a presidential seat then the system must be changed. Period.

If you are pinching yourself in a desperate attempt to wake up from this elective nightmare, you aren’t alone.  Millennials are perceiving the candidates as flip flopping untrustworthy schoolyard bullies. Women, such as myself, would have loved an opportunity to someday share the tale of voting for the first female president. A day dream now overshadowed by a massive email conspiracy. I suspect some men may feel something similar at the thought of Trump alone with their daughter, mother or wife in a room at this point. As would any person of color. These two are wholly undeserving of the office.

They are, in fact, the most hated Presidential candidates in the history of our country. According to Reuters Polling, this election is essentially based on an anti-vote. Those voting for their candidate of choice are not doing so because they necessarily believe that person is the best choice but to ensure that their opponent does not gain the position. I, personally, find that to be a terrifying state of affairs and feel strongly that we can and should be requiring more from our electoral process. So, I say, lets require more.

This is a nation for the people by the people, right? These two candidates are not the best that are available to us as viable options for the Presidential seat and it is our responsibility to let our government know that we are dissatisfied with the state of affairs as they are. Please, if you agree with this assessment sign the petition below and pass the information along. We deserve better and we must speak this loudly and proudly if we expect any change to occur.



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