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ModState LLC: Board of Directors

Nix, Jarrod C. [Chairman]     DeViney, Katherine F., [Chief Financial Officer]    DeViney, Jonathan D. [provisional Chief Operating Officer, co-founder]     Eldeen Albin [Editorial Features Consultant, co-founder]     Clevenger, Peter-Ryan O. [Chief Technology Officer]


Editorial Staff

DeViney, Jonathan D.           managing editor

Wheeler, Samuel J.               graphic design editor

Coker, Gabe                          provisional senior editor, podcast host


Leary, Teresa                        staff writer

Clevenger, Peter-Ryan O.     staff writer


Eldeen, Al                              ancillary contributor, author of “The 27”

DeViney, Jr., Michael R.         ancillary contributor 

Grey, Dorian                          ancillary contributor

Eldeen, Lilly                            ancillary contributor




Wilson, Dain                        staff writer, columnist

Jackson, Frank                     staff writer

Warfield, Byron                   staff writer

Borger, Corey                      staff writer

Campione, Frank                 editor-at-large

Braswell, James                   ancillary contributor

Ciovacco, Thomas               ancillary contributor



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