Podcast Response to POTUS Trump’s Address to Joint Session of U.S. Congress

POTUS Trump w/his Florida campaign mastermind, Mississippi attorney Mitchell Tyner

In what is far and away our shortest podcast to date, Gabe Coker hosted an episode of his “Political Beast” podcast Tuesday night immediately following President Trump’s first address to a joint session of the United States Congress. He kindly invited me to join him and at 24 minutes nearly on the dot, it’s a quick and easy listen.

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Neospeak: Hashtags for the #RebelWITHaCause

While our pending press release and corporate strategy announcement with upstate New York’s OverWatch Productions LLC is very much on the way today (as promised), every now and then we crank out a good hashtag for dispersal on the blogosphere and/or social media circuit/circus, so here you are:

#TheTruthIsANiche which is, yes, a phrase

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Post-Inauguration Podcast: G. Coker & J. DeViney Part One

Like a BOSS!

In a largely miserable effort, Gabriel Coker invites the managing editor of ModState back to his podcast to mixed results: Montana gets airtime without someone named “Joe” in the picture while DeViney references two movies to allegedly emphasize erstwhile points. One of those films is “Twilight” and the other is “The Horse Whisperer.&#8221

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Addendum: the 13th Amendment

I am not in the business of film review. Our editorial staff here at ModState has established this as an uncompromising policy position. Oh, and this columnist has no interest in such an endeavor. Ever. In any way. So, relax. We’re not doing it.

With that, I’d like to praise Al Eldeen’s wonderfully direct, accurate and succinct

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ModState “Thanks[for]giving” Podcast

Well, well, well! We’re rapidly approaching the most significant season in Christendom, that of the season of the Mass of Christ, i.e., Christmas, but first we must emerge unscathed on the other side of today, this most distinct of American holy days known as Thanksgiving. A massive point in our history as a nation, one not often pointed

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The Rights of These United States: the 13th Amendment

PrintThe thirteenth amendment is the first constitutional amendment that has two sections. The first section is the same as most of the preceding amendments entire text. The second is specifying that where the enforcement powers for this amendment reside. The thirteenth amendment reads:

“Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except

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