Fabriquè en Babylon: Evil (Fifteen Years On)

“Oh my God, Emily…you are such a liar!”

This was the opening sequence of a night no one in The Smith household had foreseen coming, but things have now descended to the point where her father had nearly called me up and asked if I was married yet. Precluding him from the Facebook crowd he doubtless was too pious to descend and mingle..................   read more

With One-Year Anniversary the Event Horizon, ModState Embraces Smooth Transition into Year #2

Not everyone foresaw just how thoroughly successful the first year of ModState would end up being on any given metric, let alone that it would increase its launch day traffic by over 17,000% and spend a mere $433.00 on social media marketing on the year. The sum total of all moving parts, when compiled, is a picture that no one..................   read more

ModState’s 1st Podcast of 2017 Part Two: Trump Campaign Surrogate Mitchell Tyner, Sr., Returns

Mitchell Tyner…one more time as part of the DJT Campaign Staff on the ModCast MoadCast MroadCast [expletive deleted]-sponsored by Castol GTX ModState Podcast! LAUD-LAUD!
True to his sterling form as both an overt Southern gentleman coupled with being a tremendous financial success as a businessman, the former Donald J. Trump Mississippi campaign surrogate, Mitch Tyner, was apparently doing a first-rate job organizing Mr. Trump?s numerically-underwhelming human capital (i.e., field staff, et al)..................   read more

ModState’s 1st Podcast of 2017 Part One: Nogales County (AZ) Sheriff Tony Estrada Returns

Muchas gracias, Sheriff Estrada

One of the most striking figures ever to?ve interacted with us here at ModState, Nogales County (Arizona) Sheriff Tony Estrada graciously agreed to make another appearance on our podcast, this time discussing his perspective on the challenges of immigration facing all levels of government in America. While I was unable to appear..................   read more

As Wild Year Concludes, Board of Directors, Ed. Staff See Cause for Renewed Optimism

SNO’LA! Canal Street (downtown New Orleans), Christmas 2012

As the New Year is preparing to force us all to live within the confines of 2017 for a whole year (selfish!), ModState LLC has continued to develop behind closed doors. In addition to growing beyond the recently-founded board of directors in terms of MANpower1, we’re gearing up to expand our reach as an online magazine in 20172.

I?m..................   read more

ModState “Thanks[for]giving” Podcast

Well, well, well! We’re rapidly approaching the most significant season in Christendom, that of the season of the Mass of Christ, i.e., Christmas, but first we must emerge unscathed on the other side of today, this most distinct of American holy days known as Thanksgiving. A massive point in our history as a nation, one not often pointed..................   read more

ModState LLC Board of Directors Begins Taking Shape as Post-Election Transition Continues

How can we expect nihilists to learn to believe when they can't even see the whole logo?!
How can we expect nihilists to learn to believe when they can’t even see the whole logo?!

All good things come to an end, and with the 2016 POTUS Election mercifully coming to its (apparent) conclusion, ModState has sailed headlong into its own version of transition mode. As promised to our editorial staff, caucus members and sprawling network of contacts alike, we?ve taken a big whiff after surveying the first..................   read more

SPECIAL: Election Day Update(s)

Good evening (thus far): no mass reports of voter intimidation, no reports of Russian hacks (or any other hacks, for that matter) and with the first polls closing in less than an hour, I?d say we?re doing pretty well as a nation. While it?s important to bear in mind the time-honored right in this nation of citizen participation..................   read more

Fabriquè en Babylon: Don’t Let “Them” Win

13625105_10157166608305271_771688468_nI hearken back to hallowed antiquity (or the 2012 election season, anyway), about six months after meeting a fellow corpsman I had the honor to serve with and the wonderful privilege of becoming good friends with, a Mr. Smith. He was a young black man from Chicago, struck with curiosity about this “crazy white guy from New Orleans”,..................   read more

SPECIAL: POTUS Debate #3 Judge’s Ballot

Don't let it fool you: this bobblehead comes complete with "Mom Teresa Lifelike Anger Pack"...and yes, we're kidding. The "Anger Pack" costs extra!
Don’t let it fool you: this bobblehead comes complete with “Mom Teresa Lifelike Anger Pack”…and yes, we’re kidding. The “Anger Pack” costs extra!

For what feels like the better part of an aeon, a near equally-endless array of the vile punditry and our hapless American citizenry have watched a 2016 POTUS election cycle that would have Saint “Mom” Theresa swearing in rage. Were it a human pregnancy, Senator Rubio would be tempted to terminate it himself at the hands of a coat hanger from the dregs of the Flint River.

"Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on..." [BOOM!] Yes, nuclear landmines are a real thing.
“Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on…” [BOOM!] Yes, nuclear landmines are a real thing.
..................   read more

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