As Wild Year Concludes, Board of Directors, Ed. Staff See Cause for Renewed Optimism

SNO’LA! Canal Street (downtown New Orleans), Christmas 2012

As the New Year is preparing to force us all to live within the confines of 2017 for a whole year (selfish!), ModState LLC has continued to develop behind closed doors. In addition to growing beyond the recently-founded board of directors in terms of MANpower1, we’re gearing up to expand our reach as an online magazine in 20172.


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With New Episode of Podcast, ModState Ends Post-Election Break

As the wise and reverent youth, the Prince formerly known as Artist once said, “Even the soldiers need a break sometimes.” Thus, we took ours upon the conclusion of a POTUS Election cycle that I’ll generously leave at the labeling “exhausting.” I’ve thought of a few others, but I do try and remember not everyone

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Fabriquè en Babylon: The Generation Who Sold The World

“I’d hate America if I didn’t love it so much.”

Allow me to explain. Looking at my surroundings, my “office” (occupying a fair portion of the spare bedroom) had begun to reflect the film noir manifesto in terms of aesthetics. “But,” I began aloud to myself, “was that a subconscious effort to reflect my slowly-acquired

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