Fabriquè en Babylon: Evil (Fifteen Years On)

“Oh my God, Emily…you are such a liar!”

This was the opening sequence of a night no one in The Smith household had foreseen coming, but things have now descended to the point where her father had nearly called me up and asked if I was married yet. Precluding him from the Facebook crowd he doubtless was too pious to descend and mingle..................   read more

ModState’s 1st Podcast of 2017 Part Two: Trump Campaign Surrogate Mitchell Tyner, Sr., Returns

Mitchell Tyner…one more time as part of the DJT Campaign Staff on the ModCast MoadCast MroadCast [expletive deleted]-sponsored by Castol GTX ModState Podcast! LAUD-LAUD!
True to his sterling form as both an overt Southern gentleman coupled with being a tremendous financial success as a businessman, the former Donald J. Trump Mississippi campaign surrogate, Mitch Tyner, was apparently doing a first-rate job organizing Mr. Trump?s numerically-underwhelming human capital (i.e., field staff, et al)..................   read more

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