As Wild Year Concludes, Board of Directors, Ed. Staff See Cause for Renewed Optimism

SNO’LA! Canal Street (downtown New Orleans), Christmas 2012

As the New Year is preparing to force us all to live within the confines of 2017 for a whole year (selfish!), ModState LLC has continued to develop behind closed doors. In addition to growing beyond the recently-founded board of directors in terms of MANpower1, we’re gearing up to expand our reach as an online magazine in 20172.

I?m..................   read more

Iwo Jima Timelapse Work from ModState’s In-House Visuals Guru

In case you missed it, once upon a time there was a Prince formerly known as “Artist” and…wait, wait, no, that’s not it. Let’s see here, carry the four, add gin…

?in all seriousness, my childhood friend, US Air Force veteran and the ModState graphic design director, Samuel J. Wheeler, has seen..................   read more

SPECIAL: POTUS Debate #3 Judge’s Ballot

Don't let it fool you: this bobblehead comes complete with "Mom Teresa Lifelike Anger Pack"...and yes, we're kidding. The "Anger Pack" costs extra!
Don’t let it fool you: this bobblehead comes complete with “Mom Teresa Lifelike Anger Pack”…and yes, we’re kidding. The “Anger Pack” costs extra!

For what feels like the better part of an aeon, a near equally-endless array of the vile punditry and our hapless American citizenry have watched a 2016 POTUS election cycle that would have Saint “Mom” Theresa swearing in rage. Were it a human pregnancy, Senator Rubio would be tempted to terminate it himself at the hands of a coat hanger from the dregs of the Flint River.

"Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on..." [BOOM!] Yes, nuclear landmines are a real thing.
“Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on…” [BOOM!] Yes, nuclear landmines are a real thing.
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SPECIAL: “The Struggle” of All American Military Vets

I am writing this article to just say a few things. I do not expect any changes around the country or a million people to read this. I only strive to share what little I know to people who can relate to me on certain levels. This article is for my brothers and sister who decide to move on out of the military with high hopes and then quickly discover..................   read more

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