NeoSpeak: Flynn-again, Intel and Greatest Smokescreen of All Time(?)

If one good turn truly deserves another (as the timeless axiom goes), then it’s no small feat that Washington D.C. manages to accomplish anything at all. The plot has thickened and twisted and turned over the past year-plus (before the 30 April, 2016 official launch of ModState) in a mind-numbing array of shocks that often are no longer considered as much.

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Podcast Response to POTUS Trump’s Address to Joint Session of U.S. Congress

POTUS Trump w/his Florida campaign mastermind, Mississippi attorney Mitchell Tyner

In what is far and away our shortest podcast to date, Gabe Coker hosted an episode of his “Political Beast” podcast Tuesday night immediately following President Trump’s first address to a joint session of the United States Congress. He kindly invited me to join him and at 24 minutes nearly on the dot, it’s a quick and easy listen.

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SPECIAL: POTUS Trump’s Executive Orders 3 & 4

San Francisco, California [proud sanctuary city with a future in lost Federal funds{?)]
From 25 January, 2017 is the third Executive Order of President Trump which is largely aimed at State and local (i.e., “Sanctuary Cities”) governments by directing them to, like it or not, enforce existing immigration law. Titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” it very quickly delves into these matters

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Fabriquè en Babylon: Let Us See The Legacy

“Better to have the moves like Jagger than the moves like Jaeger.” – Mike DeViney

In one of his finer moments in repose, Mick Jagger remarked, “Only a madman or an actor would want to be President of The United States.” Well, Sir Michael Philip Jagger, I’ve rambled through many a midnight and ask, “Why not both?”

While I want to be clear that I am not espousing the man, his personality, his party or even the presidency

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ModState “Thanks[for]giving” Podcast

Well, well, well! We’re rapidly approaching the most significant season in Christendom, that of the season of the Mass of Christ, i.e., Christmas, but first we must emerge unscathed on the other side of today, this most distinct of American holy days known as Thanksgiving. A massive point in our history as a nation, one not often pointed

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SPECIAL: Election Day Update(s)

Good evening (thus far): no mass reports of voter intimidation, no reports of Russian hacks (or any other hacks, for that matter) and with the first polls closing in less than an hour, I’d say we’re doing pretty well as a nation. While it’s important to bear in mind the time-honored right in this nation of citizen participation

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The Rights of These United States: the 12th Amendment

12thThe twelfth amendment is a rather long one. As such I will attempt to keep it as brief as possible while not sacrificing the explanation of it. Never the less here is the twelfth amendment “The electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant

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SPECIAL: POTUS Debate #3 Judge’s Ballot

Don't let it fool you: this bobblehead comes complete with "Mom Teresa Lifelike Anger Pack"...and yes, we're kidding. The "Anger Pack" costs extra!
Don’t let it fool you: this bobblehead comes complete with “Mom Teresa Lifelike Anger Pack”…and yes, we’re kidding. The “Anger Pack” costs extra!

For what feels like the better part of an aeon, a near equally-endless array of the vile punditry and our hapless American citizenry have watched a 2016 POTUS election cycle that would have Saint “Mom” Theresa swearing in rage. Were it a human pregnancy, Senator Rubio would be tempted to terminate it himself at the hands of a coat hanger from the dregs of the Flint River.

"Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on..." [BOOM!] Yes, nuclear landmines are a real thing.
“Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on…” [BOOM!] Yes, nuclear landmines are a real thing.
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The Rights of These United States: the Tenth Amendment

10thAs this is the eleventh article in the series regarding the U.S. Constitutional amendments this will conclude the Bill of Rights. I would like to point out that the reason these are the Bill of Rights has no inclination that the remaining seventeen amendments are any less important rather these are just the ones that were tackled first by

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State of Mind: American (Part 2)


This is a continuation of my previous article on being American that touched on some things that attack the American way of life both from within and without. The topic I would like to bring up today is the violent attacks on homosexuals. This is only going to get worse as they are now targets of

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