SPECIAL: POTUS Trump’s Executive Orders 1 & 2

In a moment of unintended humor, Richard M. Nixon said, “Politics would be a Helluva good business if it weren’t for the g******ed people.” While he likely didn’t realize just how amusing this remark was at the time, even less likely is it that anyone in the room opted to point this out. It was delivered with all the grace of

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Neospeak: Hashtags for the #RebelWITHaCause

While our pending press release and corporate strategy announcement with upstate New York’s OverWatch Productions LLC is very much on the way today (as promised), every now and then we crank out a good hashtag for dispersal on the blogosphere and/or social media circuit/circus, so here you are:

#TheTruthIsANiche which is, yes, a phrase

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Fabriquè en Babylon: Let Us See The Legacy

“Better to have the moves like Jagger than the moves like Jaeger.” – Mike DeViney

In one of his finer moments in repose, Mick Jagger remarked, “Only a madman or an actor would want to be President of The United States.” Well, Sir Michael Philip Jagger, I’ve rambled through many a midnight and ask, “Why not both?”

While I want to be clear that I am not espousing the man, his personality, his party or even the presidency

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Post-Inauguration Podcast: G. Coker & J. DeViney Part Two

“Why?!” the boar bellowed. The answer? “Because I know how to insert an image and thus went in search of one of sufficiently malevolent character and then placed it, inexplicably, at the top of this post.” Bon voyage!

Do you remember the days when ModState was really OCD about every minute detail? Probably not, but I do and that’s what matters per popular opinion polling of the lone ModState staffer currently on duty.

There’ve been all manner of odd things happening lately, but I don’t think “The Clowning” (nor any other

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Post-Inauguration Podcast: G. Coker & J. DeViney Part One

Like a BOSS!

In a largely miserable effort, Gabriel Coker invites the managing editor of ModState back to his podcast to mixed results: Montana gets airtime without someone named “Joe” in the picture while DeViney references two movies to allegedly emphasize erstwhile points. One of those films is “Twilight” and the other is “The Horse Whisperer.&#8221

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SPECIAL: Open Letter to President Trump from Staff Writer Teresa Leary

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

When I began to think about what I’d write in this letter, I paused briefly. Although I am an honest, outspoken person when it comes to political issues, sharing personal parts of my life makes me a bit nervous. However, due primarily to the “honest” part of that former statement I believe it is important

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ModState’s 1st Podcast of 2017 Part Three: Musings of a (largely-ignored) managing editor


“If you can’t be on time, be early.” This and many other fine sayings have come to define the apex of my time in the U.S. Navy. The critical mass of the thoroughly-misspent, latter portion of the business-end of my twenties (I enlisted for five years at the age of twenty-six) was well-intentioned but would come full circle

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