Fabriquè en Babylon: It’s Cool to Know Nothing

It wouldn’t have been long, I’d figured, before my tour of the Cruz White House would bring me peering into the abyss. I’d’ve maintained long enough to make it inside and past the surly Marine guard who would never buy my having served with the infantry.

Image sourced at http://RosenblumTV.files.wordpress.com
Image sourced at http://RosenblumTV.files.wordpress.com

Then, the Victory Gin consumed all too late the night before would drive me to the

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Hep'n'em while I be Schweppin' 'em
Hep’n’em while I be Schweppin’ ’em

DeViney, Jonathan D.: Our daily post feature, rather than being called “Shorts,” is to be entitled “NeoSpeak” – debate amongst YOURSELF the septuple-entendre aforementioned at The Heptagon!

Coker, J. Leo: You’re a liar!

DeViney: Too

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