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While we haven’t entered into the depth of discussion to which opportunity afforded with newfound network allies OverWatch, it pleases me greatly inform our readers and fellow network members of an early yet blossoming affiliation with Is It Just Us.

Founded, engineered and operated by Mr. Clark A., <a title="Is It Just Us" href="http://IsItJust.us

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SPECIAL: POTUS Trump’s Executive Order 5

On 27 January, 2016, came the “Executive Order: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry to the United States” or, colloquially, the one that started “it” all. In one sense, the public outcry stemming from the order was much ado about nothing. Now, before the effervescent heroes of the broadly-dented left take their gleaming

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Forgotten Flint: Crises Unabated

Flint River tributary pollution

As I began research on this article, I wondered what it would be like to go through what the citizens in Flint, Michigan have experienced every day since 2014. As Americans, many of us don’t think too deeply about the source of our tap water. So, I spent a day, just one day, paying close attention to my water use

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SPECIAL: POTUS Trump’s Executive Orders 1 & 2

In a moment of unintended humor, Richard M. Nixon said, “Politics would be a Helluva good business if it weren’t for the g******ed people.” While he likely didn’t realize just how amusing this remark was at the time, even less likely is it that anyone in the room opted to point this out. It was delivered with all the grace of

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SPECIAL: Open Letter to President Trump from Staff Writer Teresa Leary

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

When I began to think about what I’d write in this letter, I paused briefly. Although I am an honest, outspoken person when it comes to political issues, sharing personal parts of my life makes me a bit nervous. However, due primarily to the “honest” part of that former statement I believe it is important

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Addendum: the 13th Amendment

I am not in the business of film review. Our editorial staff here at ModState has established this as an uncompromising policy position. Oh, and this columnist has no interest in such an endeavor. Ever. In any way. So, relax. We’re not doing it.

With that, I’d like to praise Al Eldeen’s wonderfully direct, accurate and succinct

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Executive Completion: The Civil Rights Crises of Standing Rock

In South Dakota, at Standing Rock, both public and private law enforcement agencies have been accused of brutalizing American citizens. That’s right, you read that correctly. Right here on American soil. Many will point out that this occurs every day, but the fact is, this brutalization is occurring in a manner

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